8 abr. 2011

My Room

This is the mess I'm in, though you can't see much of it... What I like the most about my room is my little window, it's like my relaxing place. I love what I see through of it; the sky, the colour of the house I have infront, the giant tree with tiny red flowers, the birds flying around... and the street is so calm and quite. My beloved window.


We are so excited to go to Russian Red's concert next 29th of April! Can't wait!

4 comentarios:


bonita habitacion!!!

Light the Cigarette Together dijo...

fantastic! ;)
i love Russian Red, is fantastic!

PD: I follow you! ^^


Eli dijo...

I love the picture of us on your desk.. I love russian red (cos of you and cos of Nila's CDs in the mini) I love all of our memories and last but not least i love YOU.

Was that cheesy?

Julia Beswick dijo...

Me gusta la habitación :)
Un beso!