29 jun. 2011

Ara va de bo, Ciutadella

Summer doesn't start when the season changes on the 21st of June, it actually starts when exams and school are over. Summer starts when the sun starts to shine and when people take their clothes off, when you start to feel free and when you don't want to stay at home. For me, it starts when I don't have to open any book, when I don't feel stressed anymore... when FREEDOM is all over me
I feel summer when the sun hits my skin, when the sea is all around my body, when the sand gets inside my clothes, when I don't know what time it is and don't really care much about it, when I see incredible sunsets, when I get lost swimming and when I fall sleep so deeply I don't dream anything. When I dance all night long and laugh so hard my tummy aches. When my clothes are bright and light, when my skin is tanned and my teeth are white. When I eat fresh and juicy fruit, when I enjoy taking pictures of wonderful sky lights.
This summer is supposed to be the best one of my life. It has started really, really, really well.


14 jun. 2011

every day, every night

Después de acabar con selectividad y con todo lo relacionado con el colegio hemos estado bastante ocupadas (se incluyen largas siestas y largas fiestas), y ahora "el estrés" viene por parte de los rollos de las universidades, colegios mayores, etc; Isabel se irá a estudiar a Madrid y yo a Barcelona, así que estamos bastante liadas con los trámites, matrículas, entrevistas... Y para más inri, se me ha roto el ordenador!
La semana que viene nos vamos a Menorca  para las fiestas de San Juan, y ahí sí que nos relajaremos, y mucho. Como ya he dicho, no hemos tenido ni tiempo de vernos, así que no me queda otra que publicar con un par de fotos sueltas que tengo en la cámara...
Que tengáis un buen inicio de verano!

Love every single song of this cd... i love you Lourdes, congrats for this awesome work 

someday i'll be a cook! hahaha

We've been beyond busy these days; we've finally finished exams and that stuff, but now we are planning our next year at college so we haven't had time to update the blog.
Here you have some random pictures I had in my camera -we need to take pictures of us together soon!

p.s. we are going to Menorca next week -time to relax!