5 abr. 2011

existing is not living

Coat is vintage, bag is Mango, pants and boots are Zara

ph. by Gloria and me

Currently obsessed with anything colorful. I bought this coat at a local vintage store a week ago, it was like hanging there waiting for me to buy it... The bag is a gift from my friends for my birthday (back to November) and I love it too. And what to say about my knuckle ring... I think it's amazing and so inspiring, though some of my friends think it's horrible hahaha. (I have to say it's not very comfortable but it's worth it)

P.S. I recommend you to check out this blog, she's so young and so talented: The Chanel bag in the corner
i love you, my darling!


4 comentarios:

Lita dijo...

Me encanta el abrigo!!!

GoldBlackMirror dijo...

amo esos anillos grandotes el del dedo índice de la última foto, cuando fuí a Londres ví mogollón pero por aquí por España aun no he visto...

collagevintage dijo...

Me encanta el abrigo y esos anillos son la caña, me compraba mil! jaja



diooss como mola el abrigo!!
nos encanta!